Rules For  Students

  • All students should be present in school on the opening day of each term.
  • If a student has been absent from the school, no attendance will be granted till he/she shows the leave note signed by the parent/guardian and approved by the Principal. Students are directed to use the absence and leave record of the school diary. All kinds of leave must be sanctioned by the principal.
  • No collective petition or complaint will be entertained but reasonable and individual ones will be sympathetically attended to.
  • Private tutors may not be engaged except prior permission of the Principal No teacher is permitted to take tuition of his / her school students.
  • The date of birth of a student once entered shall not be changed.


"Discipline is the backbone of lifelong possibilities to achieve success"

Discipline in our school is adopted in due process and instruction adopted by the committee. The student must enter in the campus on scheduled timing as per notice in proper dress. Class room should be maintained with descended and decorum. Unnecessary objects as mobile, fireworks etc. are strictly prohibited to take in the class room. Regular attendance,  homework  and classwork allotted by teachers is essential to do. Students should obey the rule and regulation of school otherwise punishment is to be done by discipline committee.

For Boys

  • All boys in school have to short hair which should be parted at side and not in the middle or may be brushed back.
  • Boys are to wear only Naughty Boy shoes or shoes of a similar make, but it should not be too fancy or broad and no shoes without laces are allowed in school.

For Girls

  • Girls are expected to come to school properly attired. No Fancy jewelry of any sort is to be worn to school e.g. ring, nose rings, danglers, bracelets etc. (Only a small simple ring can be worn on the ear).
  • Colouring or streaking of hair is also not allowed for girls (unless medically required). Those girls having short hair are expected to wear a hair band (only white or house colour band) whereas those with long hair are to have two plaits. Single plaits are not allowed.